Monday, May 24, 2010

I feel naked...

when I don't have my iPhone. Do you feel that way?

One day last week, I rushed out of the house without my iPhone. I had notes for the meeting I was running late for. I had my purse, Mountain Dew, MacBook Pro, lip gloss ... what else could I need?

Zipping down the road far too fast, it hit me. I forgot my iPhone and bluetooth. I reached over to call my husband so he could grab it for me and drop it off at my meeting.

But it wasn't there. How could I call about my iPhone without my iPhone? TRAGEDY! I had no choice but to be even LATER for my meeting. Screeching into the nearest turn-around, I did an about face and flew back home – meeting my husband's vehicle nearly head-on as he pulled out of the driveway and into the street. Pay attention, dude!

Pop into neutral, yank the parking brake, jump out of the car (not an easy task in a low-slung car in a tight skirt and sky-high heels) and run into the house to grab the phone (where a message was waiting from the person I was supposed to be meeting). Back to the car, shift into reverse and away I go.

Slide the bluetooth into place, pat my iPhone and push the clutch. By the time I've shifted into third, I can see that everything's gonna be alright.

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