Saturday, July 17, 2010

Another GREAT Review ... Thanks!

For financial matters, Appitudez Financial Calculators is on the mark!

If you have any need of a financial calculator then Appitudez Financial Calculators is right on the nose. This collection suits the needs of anyone who may be shopping for investments, loans or cars. It is also advised for businesspeople that need to crunch numbers as well. While finding one of these on the web is easy, finding one that fits the iPhone really isn’t. Downloading this will give you the more common of the formulations that you will need for any type of calculations for any financial situation.

With this application, you have your choice of over 11 calculators including those for investment, annual percentage rate as well as savings for example. All you do is change the parameters for what you need and hit go. The calculators can give you the financial nitty-gritty when it comes to details. You can save this information for later or can download it for future reference. Your saved calculations can be saved in alphabetical order by name. This can be very handy for those that need to save financial information such as real estate agents and consumers to be precise.

So you can see why this would be a very valuable application for you to have. This is a lower priced application at $5.99 and well worth every penny paid. (NOTE FROM APPITUDEZ – NOW ON SALE FOR $1.99.) No matter what you need in financial calculations, this application has it for you and in a easy to use format for ease of use and saving information for future reference later.

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