Saturday, July 17, 2010

Get it while it's hot!

Some call it a "killer app". Others say "it all adds up". And now it's a powerhouse deal with our Beat The Heat price – only $1.99 (normally $7.99). But this price won't last.

11 powerful calculators in one app. Now at our lowest price ever!
• Standard Loan
• Auto Loan
• Mortgage Qualifier
• Fixed Rate Mortgage
• Variable Rate Mortgage
• Refinance
• Credit Card Payoff
• Compound Interest
• Retirement
• Savings
• Annual Percentage Rate

Simple enough for money novices, yet sophisticated enough for financial professionals. Valuable for home buyers, realtors, bankers, mortgage lenders … or anyone wanting to estimate their loan payments, savings accumulation or retirement amount.

Smooth, intuitive user interface with quick calculations and clearly-written Help screens. This app was developed by a team including accounting, banking, design, technology and communication professionals with a goal of streamlining daily calculation needs.

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