Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Business App Case Studies

The sky is the limit when it comes to the potential of business apps. So let's start there with an app from Virtual Aviation. At a the top level, business is always ready for take-off. That’s because iPhone helps the company’s small team stay connected and deliver 24/7.

And the bottom line. “What iPhone has really meant for us is that we can do everything at any time,” says Virtual Aviation founder James Stevenson. “So we save time, we’re more productive and we save money.” Read all about the app here.

Many people think that mobile apps are just games or organizational systems for SmartPhones. Far from it! They are most often most powerful as proprietary enterprise-wide systems.

Learn how RehabCare achieves its most important goal: helping people regain their lives after medical treatment. They have turned to the iPhone and iPad to make both its caregiver services and its business operations faster, more accurate, and more responsive. Get the story here.

"Welcome to college. Here's your paper map of the college campus, a list of of the books you'll need for your classes, a printout of your class schedule." WAIT!!!!! This is 2010!

Head to the nearest recycling bin and toss all that stuff. Today it's all about the app. Look at this case study from the University of Washington in Seattle.

Want to know more? Check out this link to a list of both Enterprise and Small Business mobile app solutions

A recent article from MacWorld on how iPhones are making their way into the business world.

You know what to do next. Call appitudez! We'll help you take the next step into improved productivity, profitability and portability.

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